Build a School – The Legacy Project a Help One Now Project

I have been friends with Chris Marlow for a long time. Ashamedly, I had never heard his whole story about he started Help One Now. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to hear him speak at Connections Church in Raleigh, NC. I was truly inspired by his talk on Gospel Justice. I have been giving to the Legacy Project, which is a project to help raise $100,000 by Christmas to build a school. For $25, you can buy a brick. I have bought a few bricks, and am hoping I can convince you to buy a few as well.

Chris and his amazing team are incredible at caring for the whole child. They believe in helping people “help themselves” through education, micro-loans, and regular encouragement. I believe that this is a worthy cause, enough that I give my money and time to them. Check them out.

To help, you will need to create a Pure Charity account here (As a side note Pure Charity is a great site to find a lot of charities to help, although I am quite partial to Help One Now)

You can find out more about the Legacy Project by clicking the image below.


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