A New Day


Growing up, I heard a lot of stories about President Eisenhower. In fact my Great Grandmother was raised by an Eisenhower family in Oklahoma who were kin to the Eisenhowers in Kansas. My grandmother would take my brother and I to the Eisenhower Library in Abilene, KS. She would take us through the museum to see all the international gifts he received, the military tools used in the wars he was involved with, and a myriad of other patriotic displays. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the museum, it was really interesting and made me have a further sense of awe for another great man who led our country.

Although the museum had a lot of interesting exhibits, I remember my time at Eisenhower’s burial place much more. He was buried in a church that is pictured here. As you enter there are fountains and the place is filled with reverence. I remember always feeling a sense of the legacy that he left. I used to dream and hope that one day, I would not have a museum, library or a statue, but to have a place where people might stop by my gravesite and think of what a legacy I left behind. I haven’t done a great job of that in the last few years, I plan to do better and leave a tombstone that will call the next generation to something better, to serve their fellow man. I want to be known as someone who loved people as Christ loved.



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