I witnessed a miracle on Tuesday night.

My wife and I attended a local middle school choral concert to support a young friend of ours. It began like most middle school concerts, a group of kids with mixed expressions unsure of themselves. They all sang really well, although I mostly remember the African songs they sang. Their choir director was working the crowd, playing stagehand, and accompanying on the piano. He was truly in need of some help.

Each group came up and sat back down with no real surprises, until the last group. A girl at the front of the line was helping someone up the steps, as I looked closer, it was a blind girl wearing sunglasses lopsided on her face.

The last choir sang two songs and then the choral director stood up and said, “When the next soloist auditioned, I knew she had to be the closing act.” I thought all of the choir had left the stage, but two girls had snuck behind the curtain.

From behind the curtain, as she was announced, the girl with sunglasses approached the microphone. I cringed a bit, really hoping that she would sing well.

She started the song and immediately I could tell that she had a special gift. I witnessed a miracle as she sang, the whole audience was tearily captivated. I had not been in the Christmas spirit, until this moment as she hit every note with precision and passion. She sang, Oh, Holy Night, which explained that night perfectly.

I was immediately reminded of how God chooses unlikely people to do his work, and this little girl touched my heart. This season, be looking for miracles they will come in all kinds of packages. They will rush into your heart as a reminder that God is not done with any of us yet, no matter how desperate it looks.

Have a Great Christmas and thanks for reading!



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