Christmas Eve with a Neighbor


Christmas Eve by Wendy Cunico
Christmas Eve by Wendy Cunico

Last night my wife and I checked in on a Christmas dinner guest who lives a few doors down. He was to attend Christmas Eve service with us and we ended up finding him waking up to walk to the hospital across town over two miles away. We told him that we would take him and he was really appreciative. That is not the way anyone wants to spend Christmas Eve.

As we waited for him, we decided to attend our church service downtown. It was one of the most unique Christmas messages I have heard spoken from a pastor who is from Scotland (yes the accent helps keep my attention). He spoke about what a big deal it was that God was yelling out to each of us to recognize the baby king. It was a message filled with hope and a call to make Jesus our king and ruler.

As we left the service and headed to the local grocery store, we received a call from our neighbor who was done at the hospital. We took him out to the one pharmacy open on Christmas Eve at 7pm and he was able to get his prescription. We loaded him up with some juice and Alka-Seltzer and dropped him off at home.

On the way home, he talked about how much he appreciated it and I reminded him that it is what friends do for each other. I am so thankful that there is no line between ministry and friendship in our lives. My wife is a shining example of loving the “other” and always pushes me to build friendships and not ministries.

This Christmas Eve was one of the most special I have ever celebrated, as we were able to meet a simple need as a couple, nurturing into a friendship that is mutually essential to our strength as a couple. It was a simple, beautiful thing, and reminded me why God sent His son, to set the world back right.


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