Breaking the Noise

For some reason, I have been silent often when I needed to say something very direct and specific. I like to hide behind a cheesy smile, snarky comments, and a funny demeanor.

As I reflect on the way home from work, I often consider all the words I have said in a day, and I am normally sad with my choices.

Throughout the day, I wanted to say more positive and encouraging things, but I often will do just the opposite with my lack of words. My silence speaks volumes about my lack of belief in people. My negative words, state even stronger, that people will never change. I often, without meaning to, preach about a Jesus who doesn’t change anything, because I refuse to listen or talk.

I used to believe this partial truth, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” I now would add to this “… but be an active listener and hear their stories, their paths awaiting redemption or validation.”

Bring the Noise

So this week, still try to say constructive words, but when you are totally annoyed and being silent, listen for the needs of the talker and how God can help you, help them to find a more peaceful place.


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