Confessions – I Like Conflict

To most of my friends and family this comes as no surprise. I actually really like to have a conflict. I really enjoy the peace that follows a good old fashioned verbal argument. I am not exactly sure where it started, but I have always enjoyed debate at any level.

In recent times, I have begun to not enjoy conflict as much. Let me be honest, I still enjoy helping others resolve conflict, but I am working hard at being more peaceful and beginning less conflicts. I looked deep within myself and found that almost all of my conflicts with others were really about me. I had become so self-centered that anyone who did not agree with me, must be wrong. How very wrong I was. I have caused more frustration and heartache to others in my life than I care to admit. Enough about the past. Haven’t we all made continual serious mistakes. I know you have either avoided conflicts or craved them. Both extremes are wrong.


I believe that I am called to be a peacemaker.

 Peacemaker – a person, group, or nation that tries to make peace, especially by reconciling parties who disagree, quarrel, or fight.

Actually, I believe we are all called to be peacemakers. I remember back to a time in high school. I was a senior in my morning gym class, I was packing up to go to my next class when I heard, “Jon and Billy are going to fight.” I knew it was going to happen. I wanted to help stop it, but my friend, Luke stepped in as they were hitting each other and attempted to break up the fight of two people who were much stronger than him. The fight stopped. I asked Luke, “Why did you stop them from fighting?” He simply stated, “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

I am not sure why he stopped that fight that day, but it has always impacted my life at different levels. Now, almost twenty years later it means something different to me. I am called to proactively make peace. I am called to see potential conflict and try to bring the love of Christ into it. I appreciate people like Luke who have helped me see the faith lived out. I hope one day I will have others seeing Christ reflected in me.


Scripture Reflected in this writing:

Matthew 5:9


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