Confessions – I Wish I Could Change My Past

I was a huge fan of Back to the Future, all three of them. It gave me hope as a young adolescent that I might be able to go back in time and change circumstances. I did not think very much about how that would change the future, and really either did Marty McFly.


NC ComiCon 2013Maybe I have grown a little older and wiser. I actually don’t think I would change a thing about my life. I sense that I have hit some sort of sweet spot and want to continue in it. I thoroughly enjoy my work as a second grade teacher and I am endeavoring to begin some new adventures as well.


Honestly, as I sat in a classroom daydreaming in Kansas, I never would have thought I would be sitting here. I am incredibly thankful for a loving wife, an incredible community of friends, and most importantly a God who loves me for who I am.


I hope if you keep rethinking your past mistakes, please remember that your mistakes will form who you are, more than your successes. I am today, what I desired to be over twelve years ago. I am peaceful and loved just for who I am, not the choices I have made. I had a lot of goals and aspirations, but none were above the desire to find the true love of God and my wife.


I am sure that occasionally, I will want to slip back into that silver time machine, but then I will pause, remembering that I might just make things worse. I might have to go back in time even further and I don’t even know any wild haired professors.



IMG_2195Note to future self: Remember that you wrote this and if you do decide to travel back to this time, will you please bring me a few things:
1. Shoes that automatically size.
2. A Hydrobard
3. A Sports Almanac (I promise to give all the proceeds to charity, mostly)
4. The newest Apple product
5. Plans to make a time machine



4 thoughts on “Confessions – I Wish I Could Change My Past

  1. I recently had to experience a setback in my life & was thinking about the movie “Back To The Future”. I wish I could get just one chance to inform my past self about what will happen in future. I wish I could…

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