Dancing Leaves

I was walking Lucy today around a new trail in North Raleigh at Lake Lynn Park. I enjoyed seeing a myriad of different types of birds and walking on what seemed like a half of mile of bridges. My favorite moment was when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It seemed as thou

gh someone were painting about five feet above the ground. I looked to my right and figured out it was two leaves dancing in the wind. They seemed to be in some sort of dance and I stood a moment to watch them land. They finally landed gracefully on the brown grass, again they were lifeless.

Dancing Leaves

I am not sure why there were just two leaves dancing, they were the only ones in the air that I saw on the entire walk. My mind raced towards missing my wife who had been gone for five days. Ir was also a reminder that what is dead will rise again. A beautiful reminder on this week before Easter. The dead Jesus arose. We will rise one day as well.


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