Movie Wisdom – Flight

Whip (Denzel’s Character) – “Hey, don’t tell me how to lie about my drinking, okay? I know how to lie about my drinking. I’ve been lying about my drinking my whole life.”


When I rented Flight, I was expecting to see a movie about a pilot who had a drinking problem, but did something miraculous and landed a plane in an impossible situation. On that note it fully delivered.

I wanted him to be the hero, I wanted in part, for no one to find out about his drinking problem. I kept hoping as he attempted to quit drinking alcohol cold turkey, that it would take. I kept hoping as he attended an AA meeting, and even after he spent eight days in a friend’s house that he would somehow turn around like he managed to land that plane.

It is tough to watch this movie, as in his addiction, I see the power that alcohol and cocaine can have on a person. It is so sad to see this happen, but I can not stop there. I began to think about all the addictions that I have that are unhealthy in my life. I may not be doing anything “illegal”, but I definitely have patterns in my life that do not honor God.

In one of the final scenes, Whip is in a room the night before his hearing and his room is stocked with juice and water. He is hoping that it will not have anything to tempt him, but then in a weak moment he decides to see if the adjoining room is open. It is open and is stocked with a mini refrigerator full of alcohol. Of course, you know how it will end in this scene.

I have been in similar situations. Usually mine have centered around overspending of money and eating too much food. I think that this was a powerful reminder of the hold that sin has on us. We will never break the addiction, until we realize we can not break it, but it must be a complete dependence on God to supply whatever need we are trying to fill with the addiction.

If you are struggling with any kind of addiction, I will tell you that cutting back on something in your budget and spending money on a good counselor would be beneficial. I meet with a counselor once a month and it has been life changing for me. Of course if you have not started a relationship with Jesus, this is the most revolutionary step you can make. It is a step to say, that you can not do it, but you believe that God can.

*Just a disclaimer this movie is rated R and earns this rating for many valid reasons, especially drug use. 


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