Grandma Lois

A Flower Fitting for Grandma Lois

Grandmas have a way to make their grandchildren feel so incredibly special. My Grandma Lois turned another year older today. I admire her for many reasons, but most recently with the help of my father and some friends, she made the move back from Arizona to Kansas with my grandfather. I am amazed at how she keeps her head up in many difficult situations. I am amazed how she serves people to the point of exhaustion. She is almost fifty years older than me, but she can work harder than most people I know.

I have so many joyous memories growing up in the summers with her and grandpa. She would always do her best to help us have special days. She took us on numerous field trips to Old Abilene, The Eisenhower Museum, Fort Riley, The Greyhound Hall of Fame, and many other fun places. No matter where we went she made it an exciting experience. Even when we stayed at home, she would make up special activities.

The Eisenhower Chapel in Abiliene, KS

I remember her making a balloon dartboard for us. She would tie balloons on nails and let us throw darts (the real kind) and pop the balloons. She would let us keep turtles we found on the side of the road and even kept a couple bunnies we won from the county fair one time. We would often visit the post office just across the street to run errands for my grandfather. She even made that a lot of fun for us. She did so many things with us that I could probably write a group of short stories just about our adventures in Herington, Kansas and the surrounding area.

Post Office Herington

She always had a way of making us feel very special. I liken her to a Willie Wonka type of imagination. I truly believed whatever she said. She taught me to love my family and be patient with others. She continues to inspire me every time we talk on the phone. She continues to build community and friendships wherever she lives. She makes wherever she resides beautiful with flowers and plants. She always loves people more than they probably deserve, especially me, but isn’t that what grandmas are for.

Grandma and I at my graduation from Elon University in 2009.

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