Redemption looks a lot different to me now. Today, one of my students celebrated his first week of doing really well behavior wise. I let him make a video celebrating the milestone. I am so proud of him. He has been hard work, extremely hard work. His mom and dad have been in my room numerous times. He is a tough kid, but today he found out again what it feels like to be successful and he felt really good.

For sure he is going to mess up again, I know he will, because I know I will. I enjoy working with kids like him, as he pushes me to be a better person. I could treat him like many others have, but I choose to be his cheerleader and encourager. Sure I have days where he has made my blood pressure shoot up. I am not sure what happened, but two weeks ago, we had a conversation that changed his whole demeanor.

He said, “ My sister says I am going to be in jail one day.” He went onto say, “ Do you like me Mr. Miller?” I quickly told him, “ I like you and love you, you will never go to jail because you can read.” I wanted him to know that I truly believe in him. I do, probably more than I believe in myself. He is young, intelligent, and is stubborn enough to overcome whatever other people maysay about him. 

So yeah, this was a great day, imagine a kid dancing Gangham Style and dancing with no regard for others (I wish I could post the video, but for privacy reasons I cannot).

It is incredible to have these moments with children, because it is a victory that is harder fought than most


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