Break the Monotony


Yesterday, the students in my class had their second Writers’ Celebration for the year. Our Writers’ Celebrations usually consist of each child reading a piece that they have prepared and then we have the customary refreshments. I had done a few of these at my previous school and they were a big success and almost all of the parents attended. It was a time for the students to display what they have learned and many of parents would find a way to make it, even if they had jobs that made it difficult. I never remember anything happening like what happened yesterday.

A few of my students were in tears yesterday morning as school started. I asked them, “What is wrong?” They both replied with similar answers, “My mom is not coming to the celebration, no one is coming to watch me read.” I reminded one of the students that her mom did come last time, so that does count for something. The other child’s mom has never came to anything that we have done during or after school.

It is difficult working in a school where there is little regard for celebrating achievements.  I did have seven of eighteen parents show yesterday, which was awesome, considering that we were in a trailer during a torrential downpour caused by Hurricane Andrea.

I wish all the parents could come to at least one event during the year, but I understand. I wish there was a way to convey their disappointment in a kind way to their parents. Teaching is an incredible job, but occasionally it reminds you of how broken our world is.  Some of my students will never play in a recreation league, have a piano recital, be in girl or boy scouts, do karate, or any other extra-curricular activity. That is sad to me, that their life is home and school, repeat and go again.

I will make a DVD for them, and I know that they will cherish it with their family, as the only way some parents will be able to see their child.

I hope that they will find a way to break out of the monotony of the every day, their kids need it, no matter what it cost.


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