Eating Wrappers

Eating Wrappers


I am not sure how it all started. I heard through a friend or a family member that with some gum you could eat the wrapper. It mysteriously dissolved. From a limited research, I found that the gum was called Cinn-A-Burst. I am not sure why we were so fascinated by this. It surely did not change the taste of the gum, except perhaps to make it a little more solid in texture.

I am not sure why I have done a lot of things in the past. I used to code in BASIC just to see a cool little picture pop up on my computer. I also loved to sit for hours looking at my baseball cards. I have installed massive speakers in my car that would shake the windows of neighborhood houses.

Why oh why?

I have a feeling why I did all these things. I did them because that is what everyone else was doing. I just wanted to play the role I felt I was in.

We all want to fit in. The pull to give in to peer pressure does not change with age. We are all pulling each other in one direction or another. I enjoy the people in my life who don’t really care what others are doing. I enjoy the rebels, I pray that I am becoming one myself.


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