The Final Feet

My wife and I took a bike ride on the Neuse River Trail yesterday. We rode along at a decent pace for me. Needless to say after riding ten miles, I was exhausted.

I had my wife drive home and I recovered pretty quickly. As we approached home, I remembered how much my dog loves chasing me in the backyard, so I decided to race around and have her chase me. I made a quick lap, two, three and landed on my backside flinging my oversized body through the air like a rocket. I laid there a second or two, thankful that I knew enough to fall of gracefully and checked my bones for breakage.

This little adventure in foolishness reminded me a lot of my life. I work hard at something take a break and then get back too quickly, trying to race again. I struggle to rest well and work well. I am finding that this rhythm happens easier and easier as my Sciatic nerve acts up from day to day. Once ever few weeks it zaps me and lets me know it is time to slow down, rest, and then get back to exercise.

I feel more like a switch sometimes, always on or totally off. I am learning to make the balance, placing myself in the tension of balance, finding health even when others try to pull me one way or another. So today, I fix myself in the middle of that tension, enjoying how both sides complete the me who I am becoming, I am, and have worked hard to be.

And for all of you who bike, here is some great advice on how to fall gracefully…


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