Captain America and My Grandma

IMG_2434My Grandma is one of my favorite people on this earth. She has always been of the most stylish and original people I have ever met. This past summer, I talked my Grandpa and Dad into going to look at cars. As we picked up my Grandpa, my Grandma spoke up and said, “Can I go with you guys too?” I was glad that she wanted to come. My Dad and I have a ritual where we each pick out our favorite car in the whole place. I normally go for a nice Mustang, normally a Shelby and my Dad usually finds a Chevy Camaro from the 60’s. When we asked my Grandma what her favorite car was, she quickly answered, “The Captain America Camaro.” She picked the gaudiest car in the whole place, and of course probably the most inexpensive car in the whole place.

IMG_2427Of all the cars in there, she picked the one that no person would probably ever purchase, especially from a classic hot rod shop. I love that she always surprises me and makes me laugh. She is like that, she is not afraid to be a little silly to brighten someone’s day. She has dressed up as the Hallmark Easter Bunny, a She-Devil, and many other characters just to make someone smile. Maybe she will attempt Captain America next, or at least Wonder Woman?



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