In my twenties, I would rush into a project, purchase the bare minimum of what I needed. I would always end up having to go back to Lowe’s to get the right tools and all the parts. Often I would go to Lowe’s three to four times for the same project which infuriated myself and my wallet. Over the years, I have became a better steward with tools, learned to ask questions, and found inexpensive ways to fix issues around the house. 


Here are a few tips to help you:

1. Have the right tools.

2. When you buy tools, get the best you can afford. 

3. Multiply the time they say a project times two, so that you will know if you have enough time to attempt it. 

4. Have a good flashlight that can be aimed without someone’s help. 

5. Don’t have anyone assist you who does not know how to do the task you are doing. 

6. Take pictures as you take apart something and make sure to check that the photos are clear before disassembling. 

7. Check Youtube for a good video and load it into your phone or iPad and take it with you.


There is a spiritual lesson in here, mainly, community is essential. I would also say that we should be prepared and measured in our response to others. Hopefully, I will keep growing in both of these areas, learning more how to fix broken pipes, garbage disposals, and relationships. I keep striving to build my knowledge of Christ and my relationships with others, keeping that balance is essential. 


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