CaseCrown and Help One Now


Last week I was invited to attend Catalyst with my favorite non-profit, Help One Now. We were headed to Catalyst so that a few of the staff could be in the booth with CaseCrown as they were exhibitors at the event.

I was able to spend a bit of time around the President, David Kim and William Peng who is the Main Designer. I was so impressed with their idea to give back from their business. David tells the story of how he was challenged a little over two years ago to give back. Through some discussion, his company decided to choose a monthly charity and give ten percent to that organization.

They have given to organizations like The Mentoring Project, Splash, The Supply, Inspire, KidWorks, Pencils of Promise, and of course my personal favorite Help One Now.

What I love about this is that it is bringing about a change in the marketplace to give back to others and really making a difference in the world. It was a privilege to spend time with David and William, and see what a difference they are making in the world along with their company.


*All purchases for iPad, iPhone, Apple laptops, almost all tablets, Kindle Fire, Samsung phones, and anything else they produce will benefit Help One Now, until October 31, 2013. Please consider buying a few of their cases now for Christmas. 

Shop Here! 


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