It Never Gets Old


I have been mentoring other students for years. In fact, I am pretty sure I was even mentoring other kids, even when I was a kid. Maybe it was my drive to be in control, or maybe I genuinely wanted everyone to have a good time. Nonetheless, here I sit today, really thankful for lifelong lessons in encouraging students. My mentoring session today was pretty normal. We talked about three things; what motivates us, what gives us freedom, and what we want people to value us for.

It was a powerful conversation. I was so proud of the three boys who attended today, as each of them did not put material possessions in any category. It struck me that they all included that their parents motivated them and gave them freedom. That was pretty incredible. Of the three who attended today, only one is a severe behavior issue, but even he valued his parents above everything else. I am glad to be in their life, even if it is only one lunch time a week, they give me a sense of purpose and I give them a break from their normal routine. I think it is mutually beneficial, although I definitely think I am more blessed by their presence each week. I am glad they come and visit me, they light up when they see me in the hall, and look away when they know they have made bad choices. I can’t wait to see what other adventures we will have this year as they go through the journey of what it means to be a fifth grader in 2013. God be with them, helping me bring your light amongst them.


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