Christmas Lights 2013 in Garner / Holly Springs / Raleigh

If I were to describe myself as a huge Lampoon Vacation fan, it might be an understatement. Maybe this is where my obsession with finding lights began, but I am trying to let all of my readers in the Raleigh area know about some of the best lights I have found around. We tried to see as many lights as we could in three hours, so you might just want to pick out a couple a night to try out, especially if you have little ones!

Here was our official tour, many of these we already knew about, but a few made our list this year!

9301 Hay Meadow Court

9301 Hay Meadow CourtClick here for a map
The photograph hardly does it justice. This display sits on a corner and the lights go all around the corner. Supposedly it is near another set of lights called the Raleigh Reindeer Rescue, but we had trouble finding it. This was a nice alternative.

4704 Sandy Bay Circle – Turn on your FM to 92.9

4704 Sandy Bay CircleClick here for a map
This might have been my favorite display. It does not look like much, but the whole thing is synchronized to music that you can tune into on your car stereo. We sat and watched it play a few songs and the timing was incredible. Of course, I was also a sucker for the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story. It made me laugh. I think this one would definitely be worth the drive.

IMG_12774245 Landsburg DriveClick here for map
This might have been the most epic light display of all. The trees in the photograph have to be over forty feet tall. The whole yard is lit up and it is beautiful, I am pretty sure that the whole display was made of lights and no blow up displays. As far as beauty, this one definitely took the cake. No music, but honestly none was needed. There is also a silhouette manger that is down the street on the right, and on the night we were there someone was selling hot chocolate up the street.

Borrowed from Happyland Lights Facebook Page
Borrowed from Happyland Lights Facebook Page

5504 HuntingwoodClick here for map
This is probably the most famous of all light displays in the Triangle area, known to most of us as Happyland Lights. I mean this place even has its own Facebook page. This is a location that we have to visit every year. It is the most extreme light display ever.

IMG_1276102 GreycrestClick here for map
This location is in a cul-de-sac and is pretty incredible. You can also dial into their music at this location and it is a really impressive display. It is definitely worth the drive, crank up the music and enjoy the show. You should also look for a lot of funny displays around their house.

So believe it or not, I this is all that we hit in three hours. There are a lot more lights around these that you can find, so obviously there is more than these, but the lights on this post are the ones you should not miss. 

I plan on doing more Apex, Cary, and North Raleigh in our next adventure. I am leaving a form below in case you find some cool lights and you would like to add to the list. I found most of these on the website, but I will warn you that a few of the lights listed are lame and I did not include those!





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