The moments that you see a quick vision of something is a glimpses. It truly can be life-changing. You see the vision of yourself with “that” girl or guy. You envision yourself twenty-five pounds lighter (or heavier). You see the wind blowing back your hair in that shiny new convertible.

Then one decision starts a journey away from “that” relationship, your ideal weight, and that car you always wanted. This happens again and again in our lives.

At some point, we all come to filter those glimpses through our beliefs and previous commitments. My decision to follow one glimpse and not another could be called life. I grew up believing I could be President of the United States, but at some point I realized my life was taking a much different direction.

It happened for me in the backyard of my house in Haysville, KS as a teenager. I don’t remember a particular date, but I remember always gathering other kids in the neighborhood for fun and sports. I remember getting a glimpse of being able to encourage others. So in many ways, teaching is my dream job. Sure, the glimpse, guided me well, but not every day is awesome as a teacher. I just look to be consistent, teachable, and a transparent leader for my students.

It happened to me the day that I saw my beautiful wife, Suzanne, walk by me at our small midwestern college. I remember hoping that I could see her again and again, and I did. Many of the guys in my dorm would ask, “How did you get a girl like that?” I didn’t really have a good answer for that. Our marriage has been filled with many good days, but we have also had some rough times, but I strive to be a humble, encouraging, loving, and emotionally healthy person for her.

It happened to me the day that I typed on my first computer, hoping one day to be able to use my words to inspire others. I have not seen the full fruition of this, but I see glimpses of what God is doing, even right now.

What have you been “glimpsing” about it?

A new business?
A new missional work?
A new bike?
A new relationship?

Here’s my advice to see how it will play out. If you love the glimpse, you will do the work it takes to enjoy them or it. If you are not crazy in love with it, it will not happen, because the second step is the hard work. The hard work draws from the well of love. So don’t be afraid to go after your glimpse, just know that your desires will turn into commitments and you can only commit to so much before going a little crazy.


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