Dinner with Bill Gates

I have been taking some pretty strong cold medicine, which makes for a few strange, truthful dreams. I hope you enjoy. 

Bill Gates Blizzard


I awoke in my dream to Bill Gates speaking at a conference. Somehow, I was chosen to be his guide to our great city of Raleigh. We left the conference and I did not tell anyone that we were going to Moe’s to avoid the crowds. I thought, “No one would ever expect Bill Gates at Moe’s.” We both bought our dinners, I thought it was strange that he did not offer to buy mine. After all, he is a billionaire.

He had an assistant with him, but he was very conversational as we talked through dinner. 

He asked me, “Why do you treat me so differently than other people do?”

I answered, “I know many people treat you differently because you are a billionaire. I thought it might be nice to have a normal dinner with normal people, not out to get what you have to offer them.”

We sat for what seemed like an hour, before Bill began to talk business again, but for a few moments as his assistant was away, he talked like a real person. He hurt for others, he suffered. He wanted children to have a better education, like myself. We had a lot in common, it seemed as only the money put us on opposite sides. 

By the end of dinner, he offered to talk to the technology head of my school system and donate some hardware. I told him I would really appreciate that, but I was more happy to get to know the real person.


I have had a few real encounters with insanely wealthy people before, and every time they are people just like you and me. They want to be treated like that as well. As soon as you or I, decide to treat them as a resource their whole countenance changes. 

I realized as I awoke, that at times, I treat nearly everyone as a resource in life. I wonder how can they help me. I try to find something in that person that could be a benefit to others. There is a good side to this and extremely selfish side of this. Through a crazy dream, I realized that I need to treat more people with dignity and respect. I need to value others’ opinions above mine, and allow other people to be right. 

Funny how dinner with a billionaire can change my outlook to how I can become more like Christ today, but I will take it.


8 thoughts on “Dinner with Bill Gates

  1. Great dream. Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. When the Lord comes knocking, he doesn’t care about your money.

  2. wow!
    Years ago, I had a dream that I also talked to Bill Gates .
    He told me that I could talk to the dead through the computer windows.
    It was before the pretty GUI, I was working with larger computers at the time and PCs were fairly new, but were accessible.
    I thought it was strange but being from PNW, I just thought I had been staring at the monitor for too long.

    I often thought about it.

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