2nd Best

Silver Medal Rosette

Yesterday was my last day of teaching my second graders. Many of the children approached with hugs and praise that, “You have been my best teacher!” You hear that often when you work with younger children for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they count on you day in and day out, they get to know you better than they know other adults besides their parents. Secondly, the fact that they have had very few teachers before you. 

One of my students came up to compliment and said, “You are my second favorite teacher, I really liked Ms. Hall better.” I laughed and said, “I can’t blame you, Ms. Hall is an incredible teacher.” It was probably the most honest response I have heard as a teacher and I agreed. I was proud of him for feeling that I could take that sort of compliment and that I taught him to be constructive truthful with others.

Throughout the year, I have seen this student grow in his level of discussion and mature in his ability to think. I am not sure I had a more proud moment with this student. I am thankful to be a 2nd best teacher and happy that he learned to think critically and be honest.


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