New Day, Old Me

I am probably a lot like you, I am horrible at following through on new year’s resolutions. Usually by this time of year (the third day), I have given up on my diet, I am two days behind on my reading plans, and I already feel defeated. I am already considering possibly waiting until the next date, the first of February, the first day of Lent, etc…

I gave up on changing much on New Year’s Day this year. I am not really putting any metrics into my goals this year. I really am not sure I really want to change that much by the numbers. I made different goals this year. I am trying to focus on what is going right in my life and increase on that. I suck at losing weight, getting fit, and being overall disciplined, but I am good at a few things. So here is my list to increase…

1. Read books and write posts to expand my mind and soul.

2. Read the Bible in one year.

3. Mentor forty students.

4. Be a better friend and family member.

5. Enjoy the outdoors more.

So those are my goals – to increase what I already do. I hope that by doing this, I will see an improvement in spiritual, physical, and emotional health. I know that when I am spiritually and emotionally well, healthier food and choices seem easier and more responsible.

I think by just focusing on this five, I can finally accomplish all of my goals, especially because I did not post a weight loss or fitness goal. Of course, I like most others, hope to lose weight and be able to run a 5k, yet I know I have to find something to fill in the “I am bored, I will just eat” portion of my life. I will be forty this year, and I would love to be a nearly entire different looking person by then, but it does not happen just by setting goals, it will take a daily grind of putting my eyes on the God who can help my spiritual and emotional A.D.D. each hour or each day. A little wisdom from C.S. Lewis just might put us all over the edge. God help us to reflect just more of you to those around us…

If you read this, please post one thing that you will increase this year.



3 thoughts on “New Day, Old Me

  1. My resolutions for the past few years strayed from my usual weight loss and ” I’ll eat less chocolate” goals. Like you focusing on more meaningful and happier and dare I say more attainable goals have helped me overall. Last year was to make a bigger effort to spend time with my friends and family. I accomplished that and it fed my soul. This year I want to do more and talk less. I have things I’ve wanted to achieve literary and such and I want to stop talking about when these things are done and just do them. Nike goal, if you will!
    Good luck with yours !

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