Grocery Store Miracles

My wife and I go to the same grocery store, every week. Well, let me be honest, we probably go there at least 2-3 times a week. While there, we treat it like our “mission field” or for most normal people this means we try to be intentionally friendly. We have made friendships with a few different people.

Today, one of the baggers found us in the parking lot. He joked around and asked if he could have a banana, I quickly obliged. He followed us all the way to our car and told us of some things he has been having trouble with. He said, “I really need to quit going to Sweepstakes, I lost $100 this weekend.” We quickly listened and then waited to talk with him about a friend I knew back home who had a wife who struggled with gambling. He kept talking about how much fun it was. I tried to remind him of how long it took him to earn $100 and then he sort of stopped and thought about it. I told him that he could save that money every week and buy an Xbox One and play some games on it, instead of wasting his money.

We told him about Gamblers Anonymous and then he confessed, “I have not had alcohol or been drunk since New Year’s Eve.” We congratulated him and told him to keep it up. He seemed to need to talk more today than normal. This is probably the twentieth conversation we have had with him. Nearly every time, he sees us he checks in with us. Whether when my wife had a broken arm, or when she returned from her trip. He is interested and cares about us, we care about him as well.

I think God led him to us. In fact, nearly every time I have a conversation with him, it moves us closer to speaking with him about the One who saved us. Not because I feel pressure to “share the Gospel”, but because I care about him. He looks to us for advice on most things and enjoys seeing us. I am not sure why, but I know the Holy Spirit does most of the work, we are just jars of clay.

I hope this inspires you. I know just being there inspired me. The God of the universe asked us to minister grace and peace to a young person today, it was amazing. I can’t wait for the next time.


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