Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde a.k.a. The Struggle We All Have Within


Mr. Hyde (Me on a bad day):
I would really like to hold more grudges. Grudges help me to protect from those seek to hurt or change me. I would really like to make people pay for the bad decisions. People really should think more about their decisions. I am constantly disappointed by people. I am not sure what I have done to deserve all this pain in life. I thought life was going to be more perfect than this.

I think this is how I feel on bad days, actually I think it is how a lot of feel on the bad days. If you notice it is filled a lot of thoughts, but no self-reflection. There is not a hint of a chance that I would consider that any of the bad things happening to me have to do with any of my decisions. It could not possibly be my fault.

In actuality, this is what I think written below, today, and the majority of my time anymore.

Dr. Jekyll (Myself more often now): I want to be more and more forgiving of others, even when they have wronged me in others eyes. Forgiveness helps me to keep a clean slate where people can temporarily hurt me, but I am more likely to forgive, consider their circumstances, and move on. I don’t really want many people to “pay” for their decisions, God knows I would have a much different life if I had to pay for all my bad decisions. I need to consider more the weight of the decisions I make each day, especially in the moments where I am frustrated or excited, in both situations I tend to make irresponsible decisions. I am constantly surprised by the good in people and their inherent need for community, I have found we all need to be loved and give love. I am not sure why I have so many great people and health in this life, I am truly blessed beyond words. I never thought my life would turn out like this, but to be honest, when I was young I was much more focused on money and material items. I think my life is pretty great considering the path that I have been on and all that I have gained in wisdom.

I challenge you this week to write your complaints and readjust them line by line like I did. I would love to read yours, or even correspond about them.


One thought on “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde a.k.a. The Struggle We All Have Within

  1. I think we all have those tendencies like the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. Though the angel is sweet and cute to look at, I find it easier to side with the devilish me. Its easier to get angry and complain at situations that didn’t go our way and harder to turn the other cheek and seek the positives in tough circumstances. I continually strive be more calm and look for the good in people and positives in everyday, but its not always easy. You are brave for your honest writing, I’m sure many people can relate.

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