Resurrection in Me


There’s moments in life where you separate out all the negative distractions and you fully plunge into who you are and who you are meant to be. This is a beautiful thing to see happen in someone’s life. It goes beyond someone finding their purpose, but it is seeing someone in the middle of fulfilling their purpose.

Being a teacher, I rarely get to see one of my students fulfilling their purpose, but I hope for them to keep pursuing and I hope that I have not caused them to be distracted from what they are meant to do in life. Life is fragile, I have seen my words build up and destroy students. I have made a lot of mistakes in my career, while fulfilling my purpose. I can remember many times wishing that I had not said something out of frustration. I regret not being a better support for some of my students when I first started teaching in middle school. After the first four years of teaching in middle school, I never thought I would have returned.

I had an opportunity to make the move back into middle school and I wondered if I was ready to try it again. I was nervous, not knowing if I had acquired enough wisdom to survive another round of young adolescents who appear to searching for something I used to not have, wisdom. With a decade more of teaching under my belt, I even doubted myself.

This past Thursday, I had my moment. The one I spoke about earlier. I had my after school mentoring group and it was actually an amazing time. My students found quotes that defined them as I shared quotes that have shaped my life from Mark Twain, Walt Disney, and Maya Angelou. I realized how much I have to share with them after living life a little longer and having a lot more struggles. I connect with them in a much different way than when I was in my 20’s, in my late 30’s, I am the age of some of their parents. I have learned over the course of the past eleven years of mentoring how to identify students who are on the verge of being incredible leaders. I am probably more confident of the ability to mentor students more than I am at almost anything. It is something that at my core, gives me life.

After the mentoring group, I visited another student who had recently had a four day stay in the hospital. I visited his house and brought him a gift bag with a few things I knew he would enjoy. He came out to see me, as I was meeting his mom and little sister. I used to think he was a tough kid who really did not like me, until our language arts teacher showed me a brief paragraph he wrote about me. He said something like, “I can always count on Mr. Miller. He really cares about me” That meant a lot to me, I never knew he felt that way. I know he will never forget the day I visited him, though it was such a small act in my eyes. Driving home, I fought back tears, knowing that although I know that God ordains my days, He made this day a special one. He reminded me that the hope I have flourishes because of His promises, His truth, and His life. A resurrection in me, indeed…


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