When you come from a family like I come from, people don’t normally bat an eye at the stories you tell them. My family is full of storytellers, I am sure that all of these tales could not be completely true, but at this point they have became truth. See when you are a storyteller, you also struggle with exaggeration, because you naturally learn that as you tell stories people escape from their circumstances.

It is a way to help people escape from their current reality. A good story captures your heart and mind. Whether it is spoken, written, or watched it helps us lift ourselves out of our circumstances and dream.

It is difficult to live the same life day to day. Anyone gets into the doldrums, all of us get to feeling like the seven dwarfs (Hi Ho, Off to work we go…). I get in my car daily and usually have to coach myself that I can do it. This comes with having my favorite job of all time, although most days I am not feeling it. I have to think of the possibilities that could take place that day. One of my students could grasp something higher and really be inspired. I tell stories to them often, reminding them of my story and the hope that I experience. I never should have became who I am, in many ways, I deserved a pretty boring life. The issue is that I could have never settled for a life not worthy of storytelling.

When I am old, I hope to be able to keep passing on the wisdom of all my failures and a few of my successes. We are all part of a narrative right now, never knowing when a decision we might make could change the course of someone else’s life. We hold that kind of power, I hope we all use it for more good than evil. Use your life for 51% or more good, live good stories.


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