Going Back to Middle School – Part 4

Back to Middle School

I mentioned in an earlier post about how I enjoyed mentoring after school. Another aspect of the mentoring that I am involved with, happens once a week during my lunch. I simply call it MentorLunch (find out more here). This year was actually my tenth year of  mentoring during lunch. I started off with six young men and two role models in the fall.

In the end we had three sessions, adding on a few young men as we went forward. It was a nice team to encourage and help them build their friendships with each other. We went through the Habitudes for the Journey series and many of them really left sixth grade a lot different than in the beginning. I am very proud of them.

Although I have been mentoring for over ten years, I have found this to be one of the most rewarding of all of my years. I think what was a pivotal issue was the fact that I added to the group, instead of switching out students. I was helping the students become mentors themselves, which was revolutionarily simple.

I want to spend the rest of my life encouraging people to mentor other people, and in reverse be mentored themselves. It is the most rewarding experience a human being can go through.


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