Darth Vadar in Cowboy Boots


The leaves fell off the enormous Cottonwood trees in our large backyard in droves. I can remember raking the leaves for an hour, swearing that I had never began. The leaf piles would sometimes dwarf us as kids, although we never seemed to fully remove them.

It continues to be a glorious time of year, you can finally put up the lawnmower and prepare for cooler weather. The squirrels are particularly active as they build up reserves for the upcoming winter. The air just feels purer in your lungs. The sunsets seem to create an almost heavenly sight through the yellow and orange colors. 

As each fall approached in my youth, my brother and I dreamt up how we might decorate our house for Halloween that year. I remember that we always managed to work a My Pet Monster into the porch, a big pile of leaves, and some cotton to make spider webs on our red brick house (which seemed to take weeks to come off). We would spend a good portion of our afternoons before Halloween preparing for the big day. Strangely enough, the main thing that I remember from those hallowed days, was the time we decided to combine food coloring, Ziplock bags, and water to make water bombs for trick-or-treaters.
Check out a video of someone making one of these!

Our favorite scare tactic!
Our favorite scare tactic!

On this day, we decorated the front like we normally did. We told out Mom that we were headed out to trick or treat and we went around the side of the house, where we had hid our bags. We climbed up on the roof of the house and began launching those “color bombs” on unsuspecting kids. Of course, this did not last long, because they ran back to tell our unsuspecting mom handing out candy at the front door. This was a lot how childhood was, my brother and I scheming to do something and my mom finding out sooner than we would have liked. I am not sure how my mom put up with us through all our plans and schemes. She would be so mad, but she eventually forgave us. Honestly, I think at times, she quietly giggled after when she was alone and admired our ingenuity. 

I am not sure what made my brother and I so scandalous and ornery. I just think that we liked to be jokesters and always wanted to be known as the kings of our cul-de-sac.

When I think about it, I am sure when my mom saw me in the first Halloween outfit I had, she knew she was in for it. I walked out in my Darth Vadar mask, with Superman costumer, and fitted with cowboy boots. I am sure at that point, she knew was going to be dealing with a child was up to no good, good, and wanted to stay true to his roots of tomfoolery.


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