Wearing Shoes

I am not sure if you have noticed, conversation about Christmas seems a lot different than previous years. I have noticed a trend in conversations to present the reality and levity of the situation of Joseph and Mary.

It would be hard to imagine birthing God. It really would be scary and amazing. I am sure as the process went on, it became more difficult to bear. I don’t think it was probably easy raising Jesus either. Joseph and Mary were probably a little afraid to step on his toes, but you still had to teach him to wipe his rear end, ties his sandals, and other menial tasks. I like thinking about these legendary people in the Bible and how they did life. There is a danger in it though.

I like conversations that put us in someone else’s shoes. It is a fun way to learn about the situation and difficulties others went through. Most of the time though, I would much prefer being put in the shoes of someone long ago and far off. I don’t really enjoy it when the shoes come to me.

We have a neighbor that is having to move because her landlord is cashing in on crazy real estate market. Yesterday, as I was raking leaves, I was “put in her shoes” because I know that she will struggle to find a good place to live.

She said that she is wanting to have a garage sale, I told her, we would have one too. We don’t have a lot to sell, but it would drive some business her way as well. Listing the sale on Craigslist and helping her navigate how to get the most money for her stuff, I am in her shoes.

I am sure that you put on other people’s shoes. We do it at work every day. People come to us with problems that we can not solve. People come to us with shocking news, but they want us to just accept them. This Christmas, put yourself in someone else’s shoes by giving a bit of your time and practical skills. The world is waiting to her the good news of how God changed your life, they will see it in every action and sometimes even in the words you speak.


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