Mix Tapes

My parents had recently divorced, which made my Dad make a lot more visits to our Grandparents’s house on the weekends he had us. This provided a few hours of driving every weekend and a lot of time to spend in his tiny, red Ford pickup truck. The best part about that truck was the cassette tape deck.

I remember this case of tapes that he bought from someone with a lot of different music in it. The main two that I remember wanting to listen to was the Ghostbusters soundtrack and The Eagles. I am sure there were others, but these two stand out in my mind. Listening to music on those trips made the trips go a lot quicker.

Road trips always were a transition for my brother and I. We were transitioning through three sets of rules and expectations. My mom’s, my dad’s, and my grandparents had different rules and expectations for each place. Many times we did not adjust very quickly between each place and would cause ourselves unwanted attention, as we played out the attitudes and comparisons between each place. I remember hearing, “This is not your Dad’s house, so you have to follow my rules.” Of course, this happened at each place, new house, new rules.

I have never been too good a following rules that left room open for interpretation, but I came by it honestly, my Dad’s cassettes were bootlegged copies.


2 thoughts on “Mix Tapes

  1. Music is such a powerful tool to surf through the highs and lows of life. I rely on it!
    Glad you had the Eagles because that certainly sounds like a stressful time in your life!

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