Weird and Mysterious Places in NC – Gimghoul Castle in Chapel Hill, NC 

Gimghoul Castle Front

I had always wanted to see Gimghoul Castle, but I never did it. It was on the long list of my Triangle bucket list items. You can not even find it on most maps, but we were out on a random trip to Chapel Hill on a short hike and saw the castle was nearby. We went with our dog, Shady and trapped the half mile to this sight from my photo above. You have to travel onto a gravel loop drive to see the house, just note the no trespassing signs on the front of the wall near the road. 
It was an impressive structure. The picture does not do it justice it is, it was a sunny and hot day. I think it might be a bit spookier in times at dusk. No one seemed to live in it, but we did see some residential house bins. 
I did a little research, although no one seems to know the true story…

It is built on the site of a supposed duel over a young woman in Chapel Hill in 1833. There are many different accounts of the story, but from what I have read this seems to be the most accurate. It is believed that Peter Dromgoole, fell in love with a young woman, who did not match his love. She was in a relationship with another young gentleman, and Peter decided to have a duel with this young man and lost. Each young man brought a friend to the duel, then the three surviving members of the duel buried Peter somewhere on the grounds. 

(Read more of the story here) 

From –

The castle, located on Gimghoul Road in Chapel Hill and originally known as Hippol Castle, is said to have taken somewhere between 4 and 6 years to build, beginning in the early 1920s, at a cost of $50,000. Legend claims that artisans from France were hired to painstakingly cut the 1,300 tons of stones used to construct it. Gimghoul Castle is listed in the International Registry of Castles and the North Carolina Historical Society. 

It made a nice highlight to our unexpected road trip to Chapel Hill, it made up for the hot walk we had to make to get there. I think we will return soon. I think we might stay in the car if it is dark…

Here are some tips to get there, it will not show up in GPS, but will get you on the right road. When the road becomes gravel, drive on and loop around, see the image below. 


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