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The funny pages from the Raleigh News and Observer

Growing up, we used to visit my grandparents more often than most people I know. They would pick us up after school on a Friday and return us on a Sunday after lunch. My favorite memories of being in their presence would be too numerous to mention in one post, but the other day as I sat waiting for my car to be inspected, I spotted the funny pages.

My grandfather is a pretty serious man. He grew up pretty tough, he is the strong, silent type. A small business owner for over 40 years of his life selling appliances and televisions in a small Kansas town. I was surprised the first time I heard belly laughter erupting from the breakfast nook of their house, it was located near our bedroom, only separated by a sliding vinyl door. He was laughing harder than I ever remember hearing him laugh.

I popped out of bed, said good morning to them both and tried to figure out what was happening. In front of him, sat a gigantic newspaper folded to the funny pages. He would read one and laugh, then willingly share one with me, often having to explain why something was so funny. I loved spending this time with him. He loved reading B.C., The Far Side, Blondie, Non-Sequitar and others. I loved to hear him laugh, a deep belly laugh. What a great way to start the morning.

My grandpa has always been a mystery to me, but I solved this mystery, the man loved his funny pages and I do too.

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