Beating a Sword into a Plowshare


I love to get out my sharpening flint, to speak a piece of my mind. I love to complain and call it “trying to find a solution.” I like to cut people down to what they really are. I want people to know the truth of their motives and true desires. They never work as hard as me, or think as much as I do about something.

I mean, really, come on, are you even trying to ______________.

Then I look a little closer in my sword, as I have shined it to a pristine condition. I see the reflection of myself. I see a lot of what I see in other people…

  • Not giving my best
  • Not thinking of others first
  • Complaining more than solving
  • Laziness and complacency

I very quickly realize what I am borderline hating in others, is really me looking at my reflection and noticing all that I have become in my negativity and self-loathing. In fact, if I am honest, I am one of the worst people I know in many ways, because I know my heart. Without Christ in my life, there is little hope for me. Yet, I have Christ and He reminded me today, to quit sharpening my sword and bend it into a plow instead.

Yes, I could rage and complain more, but I more covet a season of peacefulness. A season of giving life, instead of delivering death blows. Dear friends, remind me of this if you see me trying to shape my plow back into a sword. I want to kill with the sword so bad, but I know it will never give me the peace that my heart desires.


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