Janet Jackson sang about it many years ago. We all still want it, at least I do. I can’t help myself. I want things to go the way, I want them to go.

This year, we find ourselves for the first time in many years, without any guests for Thanksgiving. I am relieved in many ways and sad in a few. I am relieved that a day centered around eating and gorging myself, will not happen this year. I am relieved that I don’t have to deal with cooking and hosting a bunch of people this year. I am relieved that the awkward conversations about who was awarded our presidency do not have to take place. If I think about it, this year in particular, I am relieved I can just go hike with my wife and dog, escaping the state of things.

I am sad that not everyone sees eye to eye on the fact that all human beings matter and deserve love. Whether race,religion, or sexuality divide us, it is sad that we can not just choose love first. See, I just want control, but I think you want it as well.

I am excited for my neighbor who will be taking his boyfriend home for his first time to meet his parents. I am sad for the family members who will not be around because of disagreements. I have been there, divided by race, religion, or sexuality, it really hurts people.

I hope this Thanksgiving, whether you are alone or surrounded by others, embrace your ability to control love, control it by giving it freely to everyone, even those that hate you and/or your beliefs.


2 thoughts on “Control

  1. I wish I had known, you could have both come here with no cooking involved! My daughter couldn’t come up but I had already ordered the turkey. Lots of stuff is about to hit the freezer! But I agree, not having people is a bit more restful than having them and in the end it probably helps me focus on the thankfulness of the day rather than the business. Hope you and Suzanne (and Shadow) have a restful, restorative, wonderful day!

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