Electric Chair for Bugs



Growing up, I remember seeing a lot of these bug zappers hanging on neighbors’ porches. It was somehow relaxing to listen to the wind blowing through the leaves, trees creaking, and the random zap of bugs meeting their demise.

My brother and I were always fascinated by these fantastical machines. I think we were a little too interested, so my mom wisely never purchased one for us. I think one of us would have ended up electrocuted.

The bug zapper reminds me of some social interactions I have had in my life. See, I struggle with zapping people myself, drawing them into conversation and then going negative zapping their positivity. I am not sure when it started, but throughout life, I have struggled with this. I used to consider myself an optimist, then I turned realist, but now I sit in a balance of a realist with hope.

As I have tried more often to unplug my zapper and not harm others, I have realized I am not the lone zapper. Many others are hanging around just ready to zap the next person. I hope during this holiday season, I will measure my words more carefully and show the ones I love and even the ones I don’t like very much, that they have no fear of approaching the light, for I will not send them to a dark place. God help me.



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