50 Days of Easter


I am sure I heard it before growing up in a Methodist church and attending most of the time when at my Dad’s house. I am sure the pastor said that we were entering the Easter season. In some way, I switched it through my adult years. In my mind Easter was the end, not the beginning of a season of resurrection.

One of our pastors at church reminded me of this yesterday. The quote that inspired me the most, she said, “Push through in hope.” Later during communion our head pastor reminded us that there is such a thin line between a miracle and crappy circumstances. I totally agree, but if we push through in hope, we can make it.

So today, on a day when I woke up with dreams of being lost in a city, late for work. I wake up from the fog of a bad dream and attempt to push through in hope. I want to push through to see the students who need me to encourage them and I position myself to receive their encouragement as well.  We all need each other, sometimes we need to push for each other. She also quoted a great quote for anyone, but especially for teachers from Bob Goff author of Love Does, “People grow where they are truly accepted, not where they’re merely informed.”

May I accept others today and from this day forward…


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