This Old House


This old house has tried my patience many times. Our house was built in 1949, I have a shoe from then to prove it. Back when it was built, people believed if they put an old shoe in the crawlspace it would bring them good luck. Upon purchasing the place, I had some crawlspace work to do and happened up on the old shoe that was built with quality in mind, much like our house.

This old house has tried my patience with crazy mishaps with flooding, animals in our crawlspace, and even having to replace pieces of our plumbing, but I still love it. Many real estate vultures would love to have the land this old house sits on, but we will keep it virtually the same as it was originally built. Of course, there are a few issues here and there, I mean it is sixty-eight years old.

I threaten to sell it every time it rains hard, when plumbing becomes an issue, or even when I feel the temptation of an offer, but we will stay as long as the house will have us.

Last night the rain poured around the house, and my stomach churned all night. I went to empty out my recently “waterproofed” basement to find that the water was creeping in at a much slower rate. In fact the basement made it through about 24 hours of rain without getting much more than three inches of rain in the basement. It is unfinished, so as long as it stays 8″ or less in water depth, I am happy. Otherwise it knocks out our water heater and hvac. Waking up this morning, I was so glad to see that the pumps held out overnight, now just to make it through today.

Storms come and storms go, but this old house will keep standing.


2 thoughts on “This Old House

  1. I agree with Rod:) I love our old house. It’s like the plumber who came said about our house “from outside you look like poor man, on inside you rich” Ha! That sums up how I feel about myself some days so this house is as “me” as it gets;)

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