Beat Yesterday

I am not sure where you were yesterday, to be honest I am not even really sure I remember much of yesterday, besides the adversities that my family and friends were going through. Today, they are still working through the tough news that came their way. Through their treatmeants and diagnosis, they woke up today, and started another day.

My wife recommended reading the book Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant, and I can’t recommend it enough.

I am a middle school teacher, who strives to teach students that their emotional intelligence is as important as their academic intelligence. I have done this work for years after-school and during lunches, but this year our district challenged us to do one day a week of Social Emotional Learning. I was excited to hear about this, and we have been working through many different lessons with kids to teach them empathy, open-mindedness, and how to truly be a well rounded person.

It has become one of my favorite moments of the week, because I know that the lessons and the issues we talk about in class will change their lives. I know they are already changing mine.

I have not written as much lately, actually it has been a long time. It is not that I did not have a lot to say, it was more than I just felt raw. I still feel raw, but I am learning that in my fragility, I am beginning to allow God to seep through the cracks.

As I teach, I am teaching myself to live in the present and not look back to yesterday, I am just deciding to beat yesterday, by having a greater today.


One thought on “Yesterday

  1. So glad you are reading Option B! I’m really enjoying it with Suzanne.
    It teaches so much more than just dealing with grief – which I assumed it was all about.

    That’s awesome that you put focus on emotional health. Maybe today, more than ever, our nation’s youth need to hear and learn how to deal with their emotions and how to treat others when they,too, are going through a stressful time in their lives.

    There may be no one else but good teachers like you, who express this to these children .

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