10 Things The Simpsons Taught Me #6 – Tradition

Simpsons Taught Me
Clockwise from top left: Homer, Marge, Maggie, Santa’s Little Helper, Bart, Snowball II and Lisa on THE SIMPSONS on FOX. © and ª2000 TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORPORATION – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED/©2000FOX BROADCASTING CR:FOX

Growing up, we had a hall closet that greeted you as soon as you entered the door. It was used for coats, board games, and holiday decorations. I remember feeling excitement, for every season that we would take out the decorations for each of the different seasons. It was like this closet held a lot of our traditions in one place.

The Simpsons have always been good at this. Opening nearly every show with the Simpsons sitting on the couch together. Every Halloween there is a Treehouse of Horror episode for Halloween. There are a few Thanksgiving episodes, St. Patrick’s Day, and Christmas episodes.


In fact, the very first Simpsons episode was a Christmas special, you can watch it here…

Watch the First Episode

They started The Simpsons with traditions, not just because it is a family show, but because I think they believed that this show was going to be going for awhile.

Tradition is important to kids and should be to adults as well. My Grandma Lois always made every holiday so special for us. She worked at a Pharmacy that also was a Hallmark store, so she scored some pretty amazing decorations. She loved to dress up on Halloween and even was the Hallmark Bunny for Easter a few times.

I remember her hosting a lot of different events for the whole family. One of my favorite events was when we would celebrate New Year’s Eve, we would play board games, bingo, and invited our Great-Grandmother Bessie over to celebrate. We would have sparkling cider and would toast at midnight.

I have always tried to build a sense of of tradition into my classroom as a teacher, but I will say without having kids, it is more of a struggle to want to do traditional things at home. We have traditions as a couple, but they increasingly have less and less to do with over doing it, as my Grandma used to do for us.

Tradition is important, but more important is showing everyone in your family that you love them, no matter how you do it. The love is ultimately she left us, not the traditions. I suspect that this love is what Homer and Marge wanted to show in their traditions as well.

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