Balloons – 2016


My wife and I like to ride our bikes through Oakwood Cemetery. I am not sure how it started, it is only a block from our house and it provides some unique scenery. It also provides a stark look at life. I am exercising when I really don’t want to be, amongst people who I would not normally hang out with, so it might be at the pinnacle of awkward and uncomfortable.

We like to see the tombstones and the unusual things that people leave at their gravesite. Recently, we saw a tombstone with helium-filled balloons strewn across it, they were floating along in the air with their various bright colors.

Those balloons represented, most likely, a birthday that was never to be. Somehow they aided in me realizing what a gift that my life really is. I am not promised tomorrow, or even the next minute. For some reason, I have survived some intense situations and came out wiser from it.

The mourner could have lamented over the grave and shook their fist at God, which undoubtedly that most likely happened. They moved on from that moment into a place where they purchased helium balloons at a local store and concocted a plan to fly the balloons above the grave. I am so glad they did and I am pretty sure they are glad about it, too.

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