Christian Myths – Bringing Back Prayer to Schools will Heal Our Country


I have seen a lot of people posting about our need to “Bring Prayer Back to our Schools.” I don’t really think is all that necessary. I know some of you agree with this sentiment, so let me explain myself…

First a little history on this subject:

From –

The ongoing contention started when Steven Engel, a Jewish New Yorker, came together with other parents in 1958 to sue New York State over state-endorsed prayer that was being recited in schools. The Supreme Court inevitably sided with Engel and the decision was issued on June 25, 1962 — a day that lives in infamy in the minds of many religious individuals and free-speech advocates.

Many who I see who post the call to bring back prayer in schools, have not stepped into a public school in years. I personally don’t want prayer in school. At my school, it would take precious instructional time and it would mean putting children into at least ten different groups to say a prayer, as not to offend someone. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the power of prayer, I pray often in my classroom to myself.

Prayer does not require a production. Students can pray to themselves whenever they would like. No one has taken that right, no one has taken any of their religious freedom. Our country was founded on religious freedom, we did not want to have to be a country that was ruled by a religion. Let’s not bring prayer back into schools, let’s bring it back into other areas of our life first. Bring it back to the living rooms of our homes and the everyday locales, but let’s let kids choose at school.



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