Emergent vs. Seeker vs. Traditional

Aren’t we all after the same goal, without being critical of each other, what are the strands that run through all approaches to church . . . Do you have any thoughts? Please post some comments, I think in our approach to how we reach people, we must to be careful to not shut out or put down proven methods or even traditional methods. The end result is the real evidence, are people’s lives being changed?


Worship Style – Is it really that important?

I had a recent conversation with a friend. We talked about how some people really look for churches based on what type of music they provide. Why has this happened? I have thought about this and wondered if it was because a lot of the church’s seeker approach. A lot of churches are very similar in everything except two basic things, doctrine and music. I think this is a preliminary thought on the matter, but it still is interesting to think about. I could go to most churches in my area and really get something out of it, maybe even an attendance to the local Morman church could make me think? Now I do not say that Mormans are Christians, because they clearly cross the line of doctrine, but it does make you wonder if people have always struggled with the music thing.
Just a thought, could we blame all this on Elvis and his flailing hips, on Dave Matthews for making engaging music again for the masses, or to Bob Dylan for having lyrical, thought provoking lyrics? Did Keith Green really have a point? Please post your comments on your opinion.